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Canadian Dividend aristocrats

The list of Canadian ”Dividend Aristocrats” stocks is managed by the firm Standard and Poors. The index is titled the S&P Canadian Dividend Aristocrats. It requires a minimum of 5 years of successive dividend increases, which is low compared to the minimum 25 years for the US version of the index. You can check out our article on America’s Dividend Aristocrats here by sector. For this post, we will share the list of Canadian “dividend aristocrats” stocks that have increased their dividends for at least five consecutive years! All these stocks are Canadian companies listed on the TSX.

The list below is a good start for any dividend investor to pick from the best dividend stocks. The list is organized by sector and includes the dividend yield and the number of consecutive dividend increases (in years). Besides, we also have growth statistics: – five-year growth of revenues and five years growth of dividends.

Why invest in Canadian dividend aristocrats

If you are asking yourself, what is the typical profile of a dividend aristocrat stock? I have listed some common characteristics below:

Dividend aristocrats tend to dominate their industry

• The vast majority are companies that are well established in their sector. They manage to generate significant profits thanks to their comfortable position against the competition. They also sometimes operate in regulated markets such as electric utilities with almost no competition;

Safe heaven during turbulent times

• “Dividend aristocrats” are sometimes considered by the financial market as safe havens in the event of a market correction or decline. Indeed, dividend aristocrats are generally less volatile than the market, and there are less targeted by speculators;

Strong financial statements

• “Dividend aristocrats” will tend to have a better financial situation in terms of liquidity than the rest of the market. Their levels of liquidity or debt are generally better than the rest of the market;

Limited growth but there are exceptions

• In general, dividend aristocrats are mature businesses. That is, the growth potential is quite limited. However, some companies can pay dividends and invest in their growth. Usually, the dividend payout ratio is a good indicator. If the rate is low, it means the business is saving some money to grow. Business with high dividend pay out ratio have no financial resources left to grow.