Canadian Monthly Dividend Stocks under 10$

Canadian Dividend Stocks under 10$

For this post, we will share the list of Canadian Dividend Stocks under 10$! All these stocks are Canadian companies listed on the TSX. Monthly dividend stocks are a great way to generate a regular passive income.

We limited ourselves to stocks with over five hundred millions market cap to avoid stocks with low liquidity. In addition, only stock with Dividend Payout Ratio under 125% were considered. For each company, we will provide the dividend yield, pertinent ratios and historical performance.

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How to select monthly dividend stocks?

Look at the payout ratio

The dividend payout ratio is the amount of dividend distributed by a company divided by the total earnings. For example, a company makes a profit of $ 100 and pays $ 40 in dividends. Its payout ratio is 40%.

If the ratio is high, the company pays almost all of its profits in dividends. There will be little money left in the coffers to innovate or expand to new markets;

It is preferable to invest in a company where the dividend payout ratio is low or medium. The reasoning is that these companies will have money set aside to invest in new projects and thus create growth;

Another variation of payout ratio (Trailing div / Earnings) is the payout ratio to cash (Div / Free cash flows). Earnings can be easily manipulated, so analysts use the payout ratio to cash to assess the safety of dividends better. The website ‘Marketbeat‘ provides the payout ratio to cash for Canadian stocks.

Focus on total return

When one wishes to invest in a dividend-paying stock, it is essential to pay attention to its performance and growth potential. The most common mistake is to invest in stocks with high dividend yields. This strategy is risky. Here’s why :

• A stock can pay a high dividend yield, but is it sustainable? Some companies have a payout ratio that is close to and even exceeds 100%. They manage to post desirable dividend yields, but if we look at the growth prospects, it’s almost nil;

• Investors sometimes shun companies for lack of growth potential or actual risk of lower revenues in the future. These companies experience a drop in the price of their shares, and this causes the dividend yield to become abnormally high. Sooner or later, these businesses will have to cut their dividend.

Dividend sustainability

I personally use the measures below to evaluate a company’s ability to sustain its dividends:

Debt to Equity ratio: It’s the total debt of a company on shareholders equity. Companies with level of debt are forced to priories the payment of interest charges. This comes at the expense of creating value for shareholders, whether it’s through dividend payment or growth.

Interest coverage ratio: It’s simply total earnings divided by interest charges. If the ratio is, for example, 4, we would say the company’s earning cover 4 times the interest charges. Business with low interest coverage ratio are at risk. Low ratio means the company’s debt is starting to take a toll on its earnings.

Canadian Dividend Stocks under 10$ -Full list

Last price and Dividend yield

 DFNDividend 15 Split8.7913.78%
 TNT-UNTrue North Commercial REIT7.248.23%
 DBMDoman Building Materials Gr8.246.82%
 RSIRogers Sugar6.305.71%
 PLZ-UNPlaza Retail REIT5.045.51%
 CJR-BCorus Entertainment Inc Cl B NV4.914.90%
 AGF-BAGF Management Ltd Cl B NV7.584.79%
 SFCSagicor Financial Co6.404.43%
 DXTDexterra Gr7.884.42%
 RAY-AStingray Digital Group Inc Sv7.364.13%
 GCMGran Colombia Gold5.683.17%
 AOIAfrica Oil2.272.88%
 DPMDundee Precious Metals7.502.69%
 CEUCes Energy Solutions2.462.59%
 MREMartinrea International9.292.23%
 YRIYamana Gold6.842.21%
 KKinross Gold7.072.16%
Canadian Dividend Stocks under 10$

Dividend Sustainability ratios

Canadian Dividend Stocks under 10$

Historical performance

Cap, $M