Weekly Dividend Calendar (Canadian stocks and ETFs – TSX)

Dividend Calendar – June 2023

SymbolCompany NameMarket
RCIRogers Communications Inc.25.03B3.05%6/8/20237/5/2023
TECKTeck Resources Limited23.30B0.84%6/14/20236/30/2023
QSRRestaurant Brands International Inc.33.05B2.97%6/21/20237/6/2023
BCEBCE Inc.43.74B5.81%6/14/20237/15/2023
SUSuncor Energy Inc.38.36B5.12%6/2/20236/26/2023
FNVFranco-Nevada Corporation30.56B0.82%6/14/20236/29/2023
CPCanadian Pacific Kansas City Limited76.01B0.69%6/29/20237/31/2023
CNQCanadian Natural Resources Limited62.01B4.29%6/15/20237/5/2023
CVECenovus Energy Inc.30.98B1.94%6/14/20236/30/2023
TFIITFI International Inc.9.29B1.16%6/29/20237/17/2023
AETUFARC Resources Ltd.7.78B3.17%6/29/20237/17/2023
TUTELUS Corporation29.67B5.04%6/8/20237/4/2023
PBAPembina Pipeline Corporation17.85B5.96%6/14/20236/30/2023
NTRNutrien Ltd.31.57B3.11%6/29/20237/14/2023
MEOHMethanex Corporation2.93B1.56%6/15/20236/30/2023
IGIFFIGM Financial Inc.6.92B5.75%6/29/20237/31/2023
ATGFFAltaGas Ltd.4.96B4.55%6/15/20236/30/2023
BRKFFBrookfield Office Properties Inc. PFD CL AAA SER P8.48B10.70%6/14/20236/30/2023
CPXWFCapital Power Corporation4.05B4.94%6/29/20237/31/2023
CTRRFCT Real Estate Investment Trust2.71B5.43%6/29/2023
FSVFirstService Corporation6.46B0.57%6/29/20237/7/2023
GBNXFGibson Energy Inc.2.32B6.85%6/29/20237/17/2023
HRNNFHydro One Limited17.58B2.97%6/6/20236/30/2023
KEYUFKeyera Corp.5.52B5.48%6/14/20236/30/2023
LBLCFLoblaw Companies Limited29.56B1.31%6/14/20237/1/2023
SNMSFSpin Master Corp.2.84B0.48%6/29/20237/14/2023
STLJFStella-Jones Inc.2.59B1.44%6/2/20236/23/2023
TCKRFTeck Resources Limited23.30B0.53%6/14/20236/30/2023
TCNTricon Residential Inc.2.25B2.81%6/29/20237/15/2023
TMTNFToromont Industries Ltd.6.47B1.51%6/8/20237/5/2023
TPZEFTopaz Energy Corp.2.13B5.73%6/14/20236/15/2023
WIPKFWinpak Ltd.2.24B0.26%6/30/20237/14/2023
WNGRFGeorge Weston Limited17.75B1.49%6/14/20237/1/2023

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Dividend Calendar – May 2023

SymbolCompany NameMarket
AEMAgnico Eagle Mines Limited29.25B2.70%5/31/20236/15/2023
IMOImperial Oil Limited27.14B2.54%6/1/20237/1/2023
TFPMTriple Flag Precious Metals Corp.3.24B0.92%5/30/20236/15/2023
OTEXOpen Text Corporation11.08B2.29%6/1/20236/23/2023
KGCKinross Gold Corporation6.81B2.16%5/31/20236/15/2023
GOLDBarrick Gold Corporation34.71B2.02%5/30/20236/15/2023
LUNMFLundin Mining Corporation6.16B3.41%6/1/20236/21/2023
WPMWheaton Precious Metals Corp.23.46B1.16%5/18/20236/2/2023
TRIThomson Reuters Corporation59.13B1.45%5/17/20236/15/2023
ENBEnbridge Inc.80.43B6.64%5/12/20236/1/2023
WCNWaste Connections, Inc.37.30B0.69%5/9/20235/24/2023
ERFEnerplus Corporation3.06B1.42%5/30/20236/15/2023
GILGildan Activewear Inc.5.39B2.29%5/23/20236/19/2023
MGAMagna International Inc.15.07B3.44%5/18/20236/2/2023
ACLLFATCO Ltd.3.82B4.19%5/31/20236/30/2023
AQN.UAlgonquin Power & Utilities Corp.6.14B12.29%5/31/20236/15/2023
BAMBrookfield Asset Management Ltd.12.81B0.99%5/30/20236/30/2023
BOWFFBoardwalk Real Estate Investment Trust2.29B1.79%5/30/20236/15/2023
CDUAFCanadian Utilities Limited7.96B4.56%5/3/20236/1/2023
EBBGFEnbridge Inc. CUM PREF SHS SR180.43B6.58%5/12/20236/1/2023
EBBNFEnbridge Inc. CUM RED PF S L80.43B6.69%5/12/20236/1/2023
EBGEFEnbridge Inc. RED PRF SHS SER580.43B6.26%5/12/20236/1/2023
FCXXFFirst Capital Real Estate Investment Trust2.39B4.71%5/30/20236/15/2023
FINGFFinning International Inc.4.01B2.64%5/24/20236/8/2023
FTRSFFortis Inc. CUM RD 5Y SR G22.22B6.25%5/16/20236/1/2023
GWLIFGreat-West Lifeco Inc.26.51B5.38%5/30/20236/30/2023
IAFNFiA Financial Corporation Inc.6.38B3.26%5/25/20236/15/2023
MTRAFMetro Inc.13.41B1.48%5/9/20235/30/2023
PRMRFParamount Resources Ltd.3.29B4.43%5/12/20235/31/2023
SNCAFSNC-Lavalin Group Inc.4.56B0.23%5/19/20236/6/2023
TMXXFTMX Group Limited5.99B2.43%5/18/20236/2/2023
TRSWFTransAlta Renewables Inc.2.43B7.86%5/12/20235/31/2023

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Dividends (Definition)

Dividends are paid by companies to their shareholders. They constitute a portion of the company’s profit. It is the board of directors which proposes a rate called (Ratio of payment of the dividends or ‘Pay out ratio’. The ratio is a percentage of the profit. Example, a company made a profit of 1,000,000 $, and it decides to pay 50% in dividends and the rest will be reinvested in the company.

Amount of dividends $ 500,000

Number of outstanding shares: 100,000 shares

Each shareholder will receive $ 5 in dividends.

Dividends can be distributed quarterly or annually. In rare cases, companies pay their dividends monthly.

• “declaration date”: The declaration date is the day on which the board of directors announces its intention to pay a dividend.

• “ex-dividend date”: Date to be retained, each person who holds the share on this date is automatically eligible to receive the declared dividends.

Example: the ex-dividend date is May 3.

You must acquire the share at least 3 business days before the ex-dividend date, which is April 27.

You can sell the stock on May 4th and you will still receive your dividend.

• “payment date” / “payment date”: The payment date is the date on which the dividend will actually be paid. Everything is done automatically, there is nothing you can do.

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