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Review of NNRG ETF: Ninepoint Energy Fund 2023

Ninepoint Partners is one of Canada’s leading alternative investment management firms overseeing approximately $8 billion in assets under management and institutional contracts. Ninepoint offers mutual funds and ETFs targeting various sectors. The Ninepoint Energy fund is offered in two versions: a Mutual fund and an ETF.

The NNRG ETF version was launched in May 2021. Both have the same stated objective.

NNRG ETF Objective

NNRG ETF invests primarily in mid-cap companies involved directly or indirectly in the exploration, development, production and distribution of oil, gas, coal, or uranium and other related activities in the energy and resource sector.

NNRG is an active ETF. The fund does not replicate an index. On the contrary, the portfolio manager selects stocks that best fit the funds’ stated objective. NNRG is suited for investment with high-risk tolerance.

The fund invests mainly in Canadian companies.

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NNRG Management fees

The management fees for NNRG are 1.50%.

NNRG trades on the Neo Exchange, which is a Canadian stock exchange based in Toronto.

NNRG ETF vs XEG and ZEO Fees

NNRG.NE ETF1.50361
Ninepoint Energy
Mutual fund Series F
XEG – Ishares S&P TSX
Capped Energy Idx
Eql Weight Oil Gas Index 
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NNRG ETF vs XEG and ZEO: Historical performance

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Ninepoint Energy
Fund Series F*
– *Issuers’ website – Mutual fund – Ninepoint Energy Fund Series F (as of May 31st, issuers’ website)


We are pitting NNERG ETF against two popular alternatives: XEG Ishares S&P TSX Capped Energy Index and ZEO BMO S&P TSX Eql Weight Oil Gas Index. Both these ETFs are passive ETFs that track the energy sector. Since NNRG ETF was launched in May 2021, the performance has been less than one year. However, it’s possible to use the mutual fund version to compare with XEG and ZEO.

As one would expect, XEG and ZEO have lower fees than NNRG. This is not a surprise since NNRG is an active ETF.

In terms of performance, NNRG is a clear winner! The fund recorded a stellar performance both in the short and long term. There is value in picking an active ETF here especially if you are investing in the long term. The following points can explain the exceptional performance:

– NNRG invests in mid cap energy companies while both XEG and ZEO are dominated by large players;

– Active management.

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NNRG Stock price

Top Ten Holdings

Athabasca Oil Corp
Baytex Energy Corp
Canadian Natural Resources Ltd
Cenovus Energy Inc (Alberta)
Chord Energy Corp
Headwater Exploration Inc
Meg Energy Corp
Nuvista Energy Ltd.
Tamarack Valley Energy Ltd
Whitecap Resources Inc

NNRG Sector allocation

Oil & Gas Exploration & Production80.08
Integrated Oil & Gas16.49
Cash And Cash Equivalents3.43